Mein Liebe: First Trip to Malaysia-India (Dec-Jan 19)

Hi, welcome to my first blog.  (Gute Nacht mein Liebe), reminds it still keep fresh juicy on my mind, I would like to share my first trip to Malaysia-India (20 Dec–8 January 2019), I was traveling with my fiance, we were long distance, while I was starting from Surabaya, Indonesia, he came from Zurich via Singapore, then we would meet in Kuala Lumpur

By the way, anyway busway, a bit chit chat ya, a couple months ago, we were really down and upset .. feels like gotcha had heart attack LOL. My application for schengen visa has been rejected. Oh my gosh . For a moment I was so down, I am sad, but I got to wake up, there will be another day for this even we have chance to appeals as it need necessary, but it will take a while,  then we are discussing where to meet, somehow we thought about meeting in Indonesia, but he suggests me “let’s meet somewhere else, outside from Indonesia, perhaps India as our plan before, at least I have chance to have snow at the very first time” oh my boy .. such a great idea, good thinking. Then we’re just quickly take a fast steps, we decided to meet and have couple of day in KL before heading to New Delhi.

First , we arrange for accommodation , including round trip tickets, hotels, car and the other thing. Then we arrange e-visa for India ( guys, you may have a look on google , he has everything you need,just be aware about fake), the processing time was very fast less than 48h, they will inform you by email, almost 90% is granted.. God sake if only it were rejected

OK fixed, after everything is done with the whole documents, we check it again, just make sure everything has perfectly ready to get. OK FIXED 100% , time to GOO.

Early morning, it has start with a bit drama, I was a bit late wake up, coz my flight at the 6,20 am , so I have to be at airport before 2-3h before the flight. While, I was just landed from taxi and passed from former security.. its crazy, I have seen the queue so long like hell, even the people not really discipline , a bit rude and they don’t know about in waiting .. (seems it would the end of drama, its keep running .. ) I think I will be fine after passing the craziest queue on checking counter, but its also happen on immigration .. oh man ,its take very long, I have short look around, all officers was busy asking a lot which want to go abroad.

It comes my turn, the young lady start to control my passport, she turning page, and turn again, and again, and then asking me “where you going ? with who? Why you’re going to this country? What’s interesting there? Oh my god, what your business, girl!

Well, I did clear immigration passport check, so now I am waiting and see, hoping my flight won’t be delayed , BTW I was fly with Air Asia ( exactly the most affordable price among the other airlines, we had).

Yeay Welcome Malaysia .. at the 10 am local time, I landed smoothly, Thanks Jesus. My first ever stamp country hit my pages, my 2nd passport after renewal. BTW immigration at KL was really smooth, to be honest 10 times better then my own country, it was took only 5-10 minutes


indonesian-switzerland couple

We were arrange to meet on Old Town White Coffee, its located at KLIA2, which took a while , I’m waiting for my boyfriends , and he surprises me with a rose oh oh so sweet you are honey, xoxo

From KLIA2 we heading to KL Central by KL Express, I have no idea how much it was . from KL Central we take a grab car, an online taxi. We are driving to Hotel Traders, which next to Twin Tower yeay. We will spend 4 days in KL, we are enjoying have holiday, not that in rush, had tightly schedule with ambitious explore anything, otherwise we have to be ready explore we whole India (New Delhi and Kashmir)

Day 1 *20 Dec

A distance from hotel to Suria KLCC which is really close to Petronas Tower, has make us quite often come here, they have park with nice dancing fountain, and they have mall. It definitely top place in KL if you wish you see the tower.

According my opinion, its flexible visiting Suria KLCC from the morning until the evening (limit at 10pm the park has to be clear, no visitor allowed to be there. But you still some place around park to enjoy, or spend out time with your hubby :p.

KL in the evening

Day 2 *21 Dec

Trip to Jamek Mosque, Dataran Merdeka, and Central Market. Even we are non muslim,  has no banned for visit. It nice place to visit.

In the central market ,once we had lunch there, in evening we take short trip to look dinner at the Alor Street

China Town, Petaling Street

Day 3 *22 Dec

Early morning, something bugging our sight , neh.. there was an event , we have no idea at the beginning until we seen much closer. It was Japanese Cosplay, WOAAAA so crowded over here…

Cosplay Japanese Fashion in KL

To be honest, even I’m not big fans of Japanese Cosplay, but if there is event like this, for sure lah, I would like to join to the party , but we have a plan to visit Batu Caves, well perhaps in the afternoon or tomorrow.

Going to .. Batu Caves. Btw we always take grab car to explore around KL, also for this trip.  I think its enough if you guys visit this place at least one or twice maximum, and its free for visitor.

After take a photo and selfie with the iconic statue, we take the stairs up climbing until the hill.. eh ya by the way , once happen funny moments, like a having trap, my boyfriend got a trap 😀 hihi.. suddenly someone talk with us, he said different language which we don’t know we meaning, we bring the box (mineral water 600ml box, LOL guess how’s weight is it) , my boy took his offering, he takes the box with climbing the stair, up to the hill, he’s not alone… I have seen many tourist got a trap especially western people.

Quite tiring man ! even only just climb with free-hand, it’s so tiring, can’t imagine while I was the one who carry those box. Even my boy told me if he really tired. After reach the point,  he didn’t get anything even just single water, OMG so mean. Poor you my hubby kuss kuss.

On the top, you can sightseeing the caves, also they have temple there and some monkey, they are not aggressive and wont take over your belonging. But reminds to keep aware of your bags. Exploring this cave, enough 2hours maximum, we are have plan to go back.

Batu Caves

Suddenly we remember, if we runs out the cash .. oh my gosh, a few cash not even 10 RM, we look up the map and see the nearest ATM over here, all of them is quite far huhu. How we could go back?? So we thinking to go with the trains , we take risk with go to station with few cash left on our pocket, we expect they also accept payment with the credit card … LEIDER they don’t accept credit card L L oh , but thanks God they ticket for going back to KL station was only 6 RM for two person, was really close haha

(Again) we are lost direction, once we arrive at the station (thought it was station Batu Negara), we are not alone, there have some passenger also have same problem with us. LOL funny , my boyfriend was the only one who leads the people, find a way. IM SO PROUD OF YOU HONEY xoxo At the end, after long walking, we realized that we are close to central market , so explore again la.

Day 4 * 23 Dec

Last day in KL L huhu, time to say Goodbye

Sweet moment

We were wake a bit earlier, not that we waste time on bed :p, (that he used to do hihi) Quickly after we had breakfast, then packing and check out hotel. Actually its quit early for going to airport, so we decided to go to Suria KLCC area, we went to the park. LOL its became one of my favourite place since first time touch down here.

By the way, the Japanese cosplay still existed, so at least we could spend time a bit here while waiting for the flight time…



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